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Early Days

Butch died at about 10 years old and we vowed we would have no more,
but after a very short while we missed him so much we decided to look for
another Boxer. We contacted the Mancunian Boxer club (Wynne Sykes)
for some advice, she said that she was going to a committee meeting that evening and she would ask if anyone had puppies. She rang back the next
day to give us the telephone number of one of the committee who had puppies. We rang the number straight away and were told there was only one left and we had to say if we wanted it or not right away, as it was going in the paper that evening. Of course we agreed to buy the puppy because it had come well recommended by the Mancunian Boxer club. We duly picked the puppy up and took him home. This time we felt we would like to train our puppy properly and again contacted the Mancunian to see if they knew of any training classes nearby. Of course we were given the venue of a ring craft training class, (all we needed was behaviour training). We went to the class and were told to look out for Mr and Mrs Clark of Charnvyl Boxers, as they went to the same class and were experienced "show people". When Joy and Philip arrived at the training class they had two dogs with them, and as they did not look anything like our boxer, perhaps they weren't so good. After all, our boxer was purchased after asking the Mancunian Boxer club. We showed Max for a short while and did a small amount of winning at local shows, but it did not take us long to realise that perhaps Joy and Philip did have the better Boxers.

Our Friendship with Joy and Philip continued, as it does to this day. They are still our best friends, even though they have not had a Boxer for quite a few years.